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The power of our subconscious mind rules 95% of our life. The remaining 5% are used by our daily consciousness in an attempt to control our life. The best affirmations and intentions which we try to use in order to escape the rat race of habits and self-sabotage programms often fail due to a lack of understanding the mechanism of our subconsciousness and the power of emotions. In order to master our life, we have to use other techniques to ally us with the power center within us. The realisation of visions and goals succeeds if we can produce blissful feelings which correspond to our intentions.

Latest epigenetic researches have now confirmed what far Eastern principles already predict since centuries. Emotional and psychological triggers affect our body and holistic health. With our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and past experiences we design our reality. Our state of health and vitality arises from our level of conciousness which is the building block of our subjective reality. The hard disk of our life is our individual Matrix-Hologramm which consists of all the complex informations of our mind, body and soul, past and future and which establishs a symbiosis that melts into a common entitity with our environment. From this perspective changes and new behaviour can hardly be realised in order to create a happy, healthy and successful life. To track negative laws of cause and effect within our Matrix-Hologramm, Matrix Mapping activates the parameter X – the pure consciousness!

How to MatrixMap your Life….

MatrixMapping is a mindpower-technique that sets your brain waves into the Theta frequency. The Theta-Frequency corresponds with your subconsiousness. If you are in Theta you will be able to unlock subconcious beliefs, blocks and traumatas from your cell consciousness and install new auto-suggestions to achieve your goals, heal your health and find your life vision. The technique works with intentions and pays attention to your emotions in order to guarantee that you can live according to your new suggestions. Without an appropriate feeling, your subconsciousness is not able to follow your instructions since it cannot believe what it has been told. The feeling therefore plays a big role in transforming your life. Emotions are the power and force behind the realisation of all goals and will help yout to make the impossible happen. Learn how to change your perception and to expand your consciousness by using the right intentions and the field resonance of your emotions.Release your past issues, push your limits and achieve unlimited freedom!