Soul Surfing Coach and Mind- and Lifestyle  Trainer.  My name is Jennifer Neubert, created in 1981, mother, Ex-Multilingual Assistant, Translator, World-Nomad, Windsurfer, Globetrotter, Freedom Activist and Consciousness Pioneer. The study and exploration of consciousness has evolutionised my life and enabled me to acquit me from dramas in order to re-access the world of dreams. Meanwhile unaffected from what others think, I feel free to choose what I wish to experience. Consequently I succeeded within 2 years not only to dream of travelling the world, but also to take my business around the world so that I can enjoy the plurality of life to the full and to connect people of all nations. Therefore my guiding principle is: > JUST DO IT and LIVE YOUR DREAMS! <

Inspired by the The Work, the 2-Point-Technique, ThetaFloating as well as other conscious-expanding transformation techniques, I have manifested my own mind-power technique MatrixMapping in multilingual version including latest researches from different branches of science such as quantum physics, neuroscience, cell biology and epigenetic – in order to support everyone to create himself a reality that is free of choice and mental and emotional power at its best. Sessions, internationl workshops and seminars are what brings me joy and which make me help to serve everyone who wants to be re-placed into the position to find his inner power and to make him live and manifest the im-possible.